PSA «Radioelectronics»

(Русская версия)

Professional student association «Radioelectronics» is a voluntary association of undergraduate and graduate students who take an active part in the scientific activities of the Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences (IFIT).

PSA Leader: PhD, lecturer Nikolaev Nikolay Eduardovich.

Телефон:+7 (915) 208 00 56.

PSA president: Bektybaeva Madina Timurovna, 4th year student, physics.

Телефон:+7 (968) 024 43 05.


  • the formation of additional competencies in the framework of future professional activities in the field of radio engineering, electronics, optoelectronics, photonics;
  • promote the professional and scientific growth of the participants of the PSA "Radioelectronics";
  • provide all possible support to active participants of the PSA "Radioelectronics";
  • attract to participate in scientific conferences, lectures, round tables, competitions.

  • promoting the professional adaptation of students by studying scientific issues, that go beyond the curriculum, mastering practical skills, necessary for further professional activity, through their participation in conferences and seminars;
  • development of the creative potential of students, through the preparation of presentations and speeches at conferences, participation in the organization of events of the Institute.

History of creation:
Date of creation PSA: 21.09.2020 г.
Location: Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, RUDN University, st. Ordzhonikidze, 3, Institute for Physical Research and Technology, floor 3, room 312.

Examples of ethics codes:

  • PRSA Code of Professional Practice (original text available at link or atlink).
  • Code of Ethics of JSC "TECHNOMASH" (text available atlink).

PSA Radioelectronics

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